Display PDF help file in acrobat?

My help files are HTML. When user clicks on help icon I do a UI.openURL which executes the user’s default browser and displays the help.htm.

If my help file was a PDF, how could I ask OS (win/ios) to display the file in user’s default PDF viewer??

IMHO, it is a better user experience if help files open in a webDialog inside SU…

this is particularly true for those using multi displays or a separate ‘window’ for SU…


… and when the user closes SketchUp, the help windows also close.

Actually it really passes the URL/URI to the OS which (on Windows) uses the registered application to open that filetype, to open the file.

So, UI.openURL("some/path/to/file.pdf") will do as you ask, provided the user has an installed PDF viewer on their system. (ADD: It may be that Windows “out-of-the-box” comes with MS Internet Explorer as the registered PDF application, but it then needs the Adobe Reader plugin installed.)

You may need to use a %x string on Mac.

However, back to John’s better idea.

Let the broswer frame display the PDF inline. Hover over inside the frame up near the caption bar and the Adobe reader popup dock appears. The full Reader toolbar can be turned on from it.:

  "I Love Ruby",true,"BOOK_ILoveRuby",800,600,300,200,true
).instance_eval {
  path = File.expand_path("~/Documents/Ruby/I_Love_Ruby_2015.pdf")

Here is the old 2015 beta edition of A.K. Karthikeyan’s book (with the famed gorgeous belly dancer cover.) Use it as a test. (Posted here under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.3, see pg 5. Also cross-linked in the Ruby Resources BOOKS list.)
I_Love_Ruby_2015.pdf (2.3 MB)

The newer 2016 edition has a link at the bottom of his examples repo at GitHub:

(I also posted the latest 2016 edition in the Ruby Resources BOOKS list.
It has a red sofa on the cover, not sure why, the girl was so much more interesting.)