Display file name in open model on iPad?

Is it possible to display the file name when working on the iPad. The save function is agricultural at best and I often have similar models on the go at once so it’s useful to quickly identify name and iteration from the file name but this isn’t visible on the iPad on the open model

EDIT:: after re-reading, I think you are asking if, when working in a model, the file name is visible somewhere on screen? I have not seen anywhere in the modeling field where the file name is displayed. There is a “model info” panel in the right side menu, but it does not include the file name.

Below is my original post which I believe miss-understands your question.

Are you talking about the main screen in iPad? As in where local files are stored? iPad saves files locally to the SketchUp folder, and it when you open a new file it names it “untitled” followed by the sequential number following the last untitled file. Then after you save a model and exit out to the main screen you can tap the three dots menu to get an option to rename the file.

Or are you looking at files you created in the pro version via Trimble? Those should display whatever name you gave them before uploading them

Thank you for your reply.

Your edit correctly identifies the question. I’d like to be able to see the file name somewhere on the screen when working on a model

. Do you think this is possible?

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Anything is possible.

This is basically a feature request at this point (unless someone knows of a feature of which I am currently unaware). The people who make decisions are here in the forum daily and will most likely see this. It would help if you could describe what exactly about having the file name displayed would make using the program easier or more efficient for you. That way others in a similar thought process could see that others would like that particular feature as well. :slight_smile:

The file name is displayed in pro on the title bar and in the web version on the top toolbar, It looks like the the ipad version is saving space by not having a title bar.
But I agree it would help if it was shown.

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