Problems opening files that appear in Sketchup for iPad

Hi, hopefully someone here can help advise me. In my sketch up for my iPad I see all the work my students and I have done. It’s all listed when you open the app. The problem is some of the older models are unavailable. When I Click on the three dots on the right hand side. It gives me the option to download model or remove from list. I have tried many times to download the model, but it’s not working and when I click on the thumbnail, I get a message that says the file doesn’t exist. This is a very important model that one of my students made and I feel horrible that I can’t open it for her. does anyone have any advice on how I can get access to this file? I have checked In the files folder under the sketch up folder and it is not there either. I think we might not have saved it correctly, but I don’t understand why I can still see this thumbnail? Thank you and may the force be with you

Would it be possible for us to look at one or more of the files that fail?

Sure, but I get the same message every time it Always says “

the file doesn’t exist“

Do you see in the last video on top of the screen whenever I press any of those five or six files I get a message that says file doesn’t exist and I don’t know how to open it

Is the file saved to a cloud service that is currently disconnected?

I don’t know. In the past I would make a file and then save it, and I would see a little thumbnail on my home screen when I opened the app. I assumed it was saving it somewhere on my iPad. I don’t have an external cloud service set up to save things on my iPad, I’m just wondering where this file went