Discount code not working?

The website has a banner with a discount code for 15% off, but the code doesn’t work on checkout. Confusingly, the banner references both “Cyber Monday”, and says “today only” (today is Black Friday). So… maybe it will just start working on Monday?

It’s still early in Boulder (I’m in NYC at the moment). When I can find someone in sales who is working today I’ll ask them about this.

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I found out some things. A lot of you get the emails from us, and there are two going on right now, or during this weekend. One does start today, and that is a code of 3DBCFLASHFRIDAY, that is used via Eventbrite:

As I see it, there is an additional $75 discount beyond the early bird prices for 3D Basecamp.

The other code is SUBSCRIBE19. That one may not yet be live, it is a Cyber Monday one. That is the one that is 15% off the subscription price.

I will send the “today only” image to marketing, so they know for next time.


Thanks @colin - I’ll wait till Monday to make my purchase. Happy holidays

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@colin Any sense if the SUBSCRIBE19 code will work with a purchase of Studio?


I am able to see the details of the discount, and it does look like it is just Pro, and isn’t for Shop or Studio.

Any idea what Sefaira add-on costs if I go with the Pro deal?

I would also like to use the 15% off

Get ready to push the button on Monday. :wink:

See the pricing page

Studio = Sefaira (Being the only difference) so it is valued 900 p/y

The problem is that when you upgrade you pay a pro-rated difference. If you paid $299 now, and then upgraded to $1199 a moment later, your second payment would be more or less $900. But, if you pay $254 now and upgrade to $1199, I fear that you would pay $945, making the 15% discount not worth anything.

I will ask colleagues about that.

@MikeWayzovski @colin Thank you, both! I appreciate it.


FYI - subscribe19 code is active today! Early Cyber Monday!! :smiley:

It’s probably Monday somewhere. :wink:

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Unfortunately the code isn’t working (SUBSCRIBE19). Been trying most of the day and it doesn’t work at all. Anyone else been able to get it to work?

We have an internal chat going on to report issues with the code, and so far it’s been quiet, with no issues reported.

It looks like you’ve been in touch with sales, but if not you could do the purchase over the phone: 303-546-1100, option 1

I can’t use the code either. says it is an invalid code.
I emailed a few hours ago for customer support but still got no response.

Unfortunately that phone number is American based, as I’m UK based as well as different time zones.

I have emailed but no responses yet.

Thanks anyway Colin. :blush:

I found out something that may be the issue. It seems that the code only works online if you are paying in dollars. Phone callers will get the discount for other currencies.