Dimensions from a cylinder

I am able to add a dimension line from the center of a circle to another object.
However, as soon as I make a cylinder of this circle and group it, I cannot attach the dimension line start point to the center of this cylinder, even if I edit this group.
What am I missing?

or maybe like this?


It is the best solution Steve, but as soon as I get beyond the edge of the circle, the center point disappears (strangely enough).
But I had the hidden geometry on. If I set it to off your solution works perfectly.

Is the top of your cylinder still a circle or has it been exploded? Unless it’s recognized as a circle, SU cannot find its centrepoint.

And if you want it to be converted from loose edge segments (for example, if it’s created by FollowMe) there’s a plugin called Lines 2 Arc from SketchUcation plugin store which will recreate the SU circle or arc so long as the edges are all equal length and on a circle or arc.

It is a circle, push/pulled to a cylinder, Simon.
If I group it all, exit the group and then edit it again, the center seems to be gone.

Thanks John…

Maybe you’re to fast, you need to hover over the edge of the circle for a moment to give the inference-engine the chance to know you’re looking for the center.

Here’s a little gif showing the edge hover that @tweenulzeven mentions. Note how the center point doesn’t show until I go near the edge.

You might try Center Point All v1.0 From Tig.

You don’t need that. In several recent versions of SU, you can R-click on a circle, and Find Centre will put a guide point at the centre. It’s been there at least since v2017, but wasn’t in v8.

I see!.
Thats unexpected, but workable.

Ook bedankt, 207

Thanks Dave, I will look into that.

Just as ‘Box’ explained.
Thanks John…