Dimension will only go above or centered will not go outside the line sometimes

In the the MODEL INFO under dimensions it gives you the option of placing the dimension centered, above or outside the line. These work in most cases but sometimes i can only place the dimensions above or centered on the line. Any reason why this does not work in some cases.

Can you show an example of how SketchUp fails to place dimension outside the line? When using this option the dims are 2D, so invisible from some directions. Could this be what you are experiencing?


Thanks for the reply Its in regards to were on the line the Dimension sits. You have 3 options : centered above outside in most cases the 3 options work but sometime i can only use 2 options which is centered and outside there must be some reason i cannot have the 3rd option

Can you share a sample .skp file in which this happens?

![sketchup   dims     |690x180](upload://8c1l9BXMZgDJ15nLUhgYMue3A9y.jpeg)
hi Dave    i hope you can access the attached screen shot   i only see the upload option           now for some reason i can access all 3 dim locations    centered     above     outside           i wasn't able to access all 3 20 minutes ago   so now have to figure out why or what i did to be able to access 

I don’t see your .skp file. Only some weirdly formatted text.

Drag and drop your .skp file into a reply here in the forum.

Hi Dave

the sketchup file is too big to send as is i have never sent a zipped file beforer

Upload it to DropBox or Google Drive and share the link.


Which one is it that is missing?

You need to gran anyone access so we can see the file on google drive. But you still have not described what exactly happens, does it just fail to dimension, does it dimension in the wrong way, is the option somehow greyed out? How does it fail?

Thanks for reponding.

The problem is were on the line the actual dimension gets placed. It can be centered on the line it can be above the line or below the line.

When you go into Window Model Info then dimensions then Align to dimension line it gives you the 3 option this is the problem sometimes not always i only have 2 options which are usually center and outside the line this seems to come and go meaning 40 minutes ago i had 3 options and now i only have two options which means my drawing on one side the dimensions are above the line and now when i dimension the other side i can no longer place the dim above the line only center or below the line

hope that makes sense just learning how to use the forum will try and figure out how to get access to my attachments and links

You keep repeating the problem you are having but we can’t see your setup because you still haven’t made the file so we can access it.

Sorry Dave New at this will try again tomorrow

I think this is what is confusing you: (see screenshot)

If you have selected “Align text on the outside of the dimension line” the text will be outside (green and red on the left side in the image)

“… above” means above (green and green on the right side)

There isn’t an option that says “below” like it says “above”.

thanks for the reply

there are 3 options centered above outside

In some cases it only lets me do two options centered and outside !

PLEASE post a model that shows what you are describing.!!