Dimension or scaling before starting

I want to make a 3D design of the garden I am planning on my balcony. This is only 1 meter by 3,37 meters. Is this too small for this program? Or can I set the scale somewhere?

Thanks in advance for your kind help and assistance.

Hey there. I think that scale is ok for SketchUp. Normally for things like jewelery design, I scale the 3D up by 10 because SketchUp doesn’t work well with microscopical scales. But 1 meter by 3.37 is good. :slight_smile:

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In SketchUp you generally work at 1:1. that is, if you want an edge to be 3,37 meters long, you draw it that long. Start the Line and then just type the length.

As @VahePaulman, said, for very tiny objects, it can be useful to draw at a larger scale but your garden is plenty big to forget scaling up.


You can change the units you are working in at any time. Select Window >> Model Info:

Highlight Units and pick what you want. If you later change from meters to centimeters, for example, the scale doesn’t change (everything remains the same size), just the units you are using: