Dimension confused by coordinates system when attached to group origin

See the attached model. Open the inner most group. You’ll notice that the second dimension (grayed) shows ‘700’ instead of ‘600’ as it should. This is because it is attached to the group’s origin at one end (Sketchup seems to prefer inferencing the origin, rather than a vertex, another quirk), which seems to confuse Sketchup.
weird.skp (141.8 KB)

EDIT: Oh I see that one dimension switches to using the Model Origin upon opening the last Group. Even if the Dimension was inferred to “Origin in Group”, it’s not correct to jump to the Model Origin. Seems like a bug.

So SketchUp appears to be displaying the dimensions correctly. The problem seems to happen when placing the Dimensions. In all cases but one the inference engine gives you the “Endpoint in Group” inference. In the one, odd case you get an “Origin in Group” inference. Seems inconsistent.

If you dimension using the top edge, there is no problem.

The post was not about Sketchup inferencing the origin instead of a vertex (which is annoying of course, why should I need to work with the top of the box if I want the bottom? What if the the group is not a box and the top doesn’t match the bottom?). It is how Sketchup is confused when rendering and measuring the dimension.

When I created the dimension, the corner of the box was at the origin and it didn’t move after. The dimension shows the correct length and endpoints most of the time, but when the child group is opened, it “slips” and shows one end point in the wrong location and the length is wrong

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