Diffusion is a subscription-only feature

Dear SketchUp friends, I have an educational license active (pro 2023) but the Diffusion extension send me to a Plans and Pricing page. Please help.


What kind of help are you expecting?

The solution would be to purchase a SketchUp subscription.

That’s not SketchUp for Schools which is the web based version for school aged children. Please correct your forum profile.

I thought a paid subscription for 10 seats for one year included these types of features.

Thank you

Evidently not if it’s taking you to the Subscription page. There are other threads in this category on this topic.

The education license is not the same as a subscription license. It isn’t available for network licenses or Education licenses.

Are you using sketchup 2022? Does your firm has a network license or individual pro licences?

Do you have 10 educational licenses?

One License for Education includes 10 seats.

You might wanna try signing out and back in.

Hello Everyone, I’m hoping that I can provide some clarity on our licensing definitions here.

For educational use we provide SketchUp Studio for Higher Education which includes an educator, student and universities offering, all of which are subscription products. We also provide Network Lab licenses which are classic, termed licenses of SketchUp Pro.
All of our educational subscription offerings include SketchUp Diffusion, but the termed educational and enterprise classic licenses do not.
I know that @Aristodimos shared this earlier, but if you’re interested in reviewing our SketchUp Studio for Higher Education offerings, please refer to our plans and pricing page here: https://www.sketchup.com/plans-and-pricing#for-higher-education

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I honestly don’t understand how a new feature at such an experimental stage is already paid under a subscription base plan. Especially when it’s using an opensource model (Stable diffusion).

I’m experimenting quite a bit since a year with AI generations, and it’s clear that image generation for architecture is still not very useful because we can’t control things with high precision (which is crucial in our domain). It’s still at the “gadget” level, even though it’s going in the right direction.

I believe that Sketchup Diffusion should be included in Sketchup Pro without extra pricing, and once it has improved and proved that it’s very useful (and gained lots of traction from users), then make it paid. In my opinion, the current plan gives the impression that Trimble is too greedy.

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It is included as part of the SketchUp Pro subscription plan.

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as Dave said, it is included in the pro and go (and studio off course) subscriptions already without any extra fee.

people complaining about the subscription plan are free users AND education licences. Education and LAB licences are closer to the old classic ones, you pay a global fee for several seats in “free” access.
Any training centre I visit can host hundreds of trainees per year but will only pay certain number of licences (usually 6-8, we don’t train bigger groups all at once).
the cost of an education licence wouldn’t cover the thousands of diffusion tests made by students I suppose.

The technology might be open source, but there is an infrastructure cost to it that is currently absorbed by Trimble (servers mainly). Hence Diffusion being go / pro sub only :slight_smile:


Universities are the perfect place to try out these types of features. Not very smart from kindle

What does Kindle have to do with it?

I’m suspecting Jdav1’s autocorrect knows Kindle better than Trimble :slight_smile:

well yes and no.

again, it’s a cost and infrastructure they choose not to give away for free. and The education / LAB licences are not the ones student use on their laptop, they are the one used in training / classes in computer labs and so on.

these licences allow anyone to open SU and start modelling without having to create an account, they give a free access to people using this specific machine. (access to the warehouses still requires an account, but a free one is enough)

As far as I know, diffusion IS included in the “student discount” studio version for students to subscribe to and use on their machines.

Besides, this is a beta extension / tool. Just because it’s imperfect and you/we have questions about its availability is part of the beta, it’s gonna improve, and trimble will probably adjust some things. maybe some availability to free users with a daily limit, maybe only paid subscribers, maybe available to education / LAB licences… we’ll wait and see.
in any case, with a beta, feedback is good :slight_smile:

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You need to read the whole sentence Francisco, not just the first bit.

And our answers too. Not just the first message :wink:

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Having issues finding how to activate this extension. Keep being rerouted to a page trying to get to me buy more licenses when my firm already has subscribed to 100+?

Frustrating and time consuming onboarding experience. Still unsolved.

Are those really subscriptions or maybe classic licenses?
SketchUp Diffusion is subscription only…

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I am not sure. Perhaps classic licenses, but they are sketchup pro.

Why would Trimble create/promote extensions that are incompatible with their main product?

It is compatable with SketchUp Pro, but just subscriptions…
I don’t know why…

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