Difficulty signing in to Sketch Up pro following Trimble Identity update

Hi I’m Greg, thanks to another Forum member ive got this shout for help in the right place…really don’t know what I’m doing with tech side of Sketch UP, I can use it to design but this is a set up techi question I guess, so apologies if I have sent this message to the wrong place, just joined the forum didn’t realise there was one.
I am having real issues with signing into my Sketch Up Pro account today, I think it might have something to do with Trimble identity update… I’ve tried to do what its states, but I’m failing miserably… really need to get back my files asap for a meeting like tomorrow! anyone out there able to help me or direct me somewhere, apologies for typing this in wrong place etc etc… newby!!

Where does it goes wrong?
If you go to connect.trimble.com and try to sign in there, what do you see?

Hey Mike, ive not tried that yet. was trying to find this on my Mac login_session.dat file in my library folder… as it stated you had to re -sign into your accounts Gg

just tried to connect with that link you gave me said there was no projects … :frowning:

Yeah if you never published a model, your project named SketchUp wouldn’t have any.
But that cloud service makes use of the new Trimble sign on and makes it easier to remember that log in on other services like when you sign in via SketchUp (provided that the same browser is used)
Accepting cookies is also needed , btw.

ok thanks Mike, not sure how to progress as I can’t log in. wish there was a phone number to speak to at SU, thanks anyway. Greg

So you did manage to sign in in connect.trimble.com, I presume?
What browser do you use?
Try to go to myaccount.trimble.com and sign in there.
Where does it go wrong? (screenshot, error message, etc.)

im really untechnical… when I go to myaccount.trimble.com I get into the account I think… can I send you screenshots on this thread?

Make sure that the email address that is listed in the Member section has Product access (3 column) check this thread: