Difficulty in making a bound area to create a surface

Sajit House 050122.skp

I am trying to get a bound area to close. I did the styles by axis setting. except for the 2 sides that are not aligned to the axes, the other sides are showing in colour.

Can you please have a look at the link to see what may be the reason why the surface bound is not able to close?

After looking at the model, I see many issues, among them length snapping is enabled. This can cause chaos in a drawing. My suggestion is to start at the The Learning Center. Next, go to The SketchUp YouTube Channel. On the YouTube channel pay attention to the Square One Series. Both are sponsored by the SketchUp Crew and are well worth the time spent there.

Thanks for the reference. After going through them, I managed to get the corners to the edges to lie on a plane. I check this out by using the measure tool. They all have the blue axis ordinate at 4.13 m. Even though all the corners are on a plane, it does not make a surface. I even tried to place the diagonal. The text label tool puts something different. I did not get that.

Your model is kind of a mess. You should be using groups and components. The area that you are trying to skin has a lot of weird edges and no clear planar loop of edges.

Additionally, you should get a handle on correct tag usage. Here I’ve fixed the incorrect usage.
Screenshot - 5_16_2022 , 12_46_43 PM

Also purging unused stuff from time to time would help.
Screenshot - 5_16_2022 , 12_46_59 PM
This reduced file size by more than 68%.

There are also a lot of reversed faces that need correcting. Don’t apply materials until the geometry is correct.

If you want to draw a coplanar object, draw it on a plane. Draw a large rectangle with the rectangle tool and draw on that. You can group the rectangle and draw on the group if you like. It will still help you keep the points you click in the same plane.

I realize that it is badly done. Realize it may be better off to start from scratch. I managed to literally redraw the edges to the surface after too many tries. Nevertheless, is there a setting tolerance that can be upped for edges to meet up?

No. Turning off Length Snapping in Model Info>Units can be helpful and is advised for most users. Your edges have to be in the same plane to create a face, though. Practice will be the key to making that easier.

I think you will also find it easier to manage if you make proper use of groups, components, and tags as you are modeling. That will help prevent geometry from merging with other geometry when you don’t want it to. And as nice as it is to play with entourage and materials, don’t add those things until you have your model built correctly. That stuff just gets in the way and makes it harder to create a good clean model. Make it easier for yourself.

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