Despiece utilizando onClick

Alguien sabría hacer un despiece utilizado el atributo onClick y la función ANIMATE?

Would someone know how to explode using the onClick attribute and the ANIMATE function?

I assume you require a group of parts to separate from each other onClick

If the sub groups / components have fixed sizes, then scaling the parent (container) will move them apart.
To make this happen on click I used a hidden group, change its size to stretch/scale thus moving the elements apart
seperate elements.skp (155.1 KB)


Thanks for your contribution! I did not know what could be done … it seems so easy! In the same way I have to study how it is done since I would not know where to start!

Mensaje en mi idioma:
Gracias por tu aporte! No sabia que podría hacerse… parece tan facil! De igual manera tengo que estudiar como se hace ya que yo no sabría en donde empezar!

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