How to join Dynamic Components (Doubt)

I got 3 different dynamic components and I want the to move when I click the whole component just one time. I mean, I want to join them into one dynamic component, but I don´t know how to program the algoritm so that it work as one group. Please! I need help!

You do need to post your project.

Componentes plataforma levadiza.skp (303.6 KB)

It is an elevator that works as a scissor system, but each scissor is independent and the platform as well.

I added an attribute ‘step’ to Elevador with onClick = ANIMATE(step, 1, 2, 3).

Then in the subcomponents, referenced this as Elevador!step

In Tijera Completa: Girotiera = choose(Elevador!step, 5, 15, 30)

In Plataforma levadiza: Z = CHOOSE(Elevador!step,105,135,175)

I removed your existing onClick attributes, so there’s only one in the top-level component.

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Thank you so much!!!

But, could you please send me the file in a less advanced version? I’ve got 2017 and I can’t open it

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Sorry, here’s a 2017 version

Componentes plataforma levadiza_gm17.skp (315.2 KB)

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Sorry guys, I have another question!
How can I make that the base of the scissor of the elevator remain in the floor when it opens?

you can change the position to reflect the change in height

Componentes plataforma levadiza.skp (433.5 KB)

there is a slight misalignment in your drawing

which effects the result a little bit, but may not matter

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Thank you so much!