Deleting a Template in Layout Pro

I need Help deleting a template from a layout sheet in sketchup pro. I’m trying to make a 30x42 template. I have the linework and the blocks done but, I can’t get rid of the 24x36 template underneath the new work.

I don’t understand what you’ve got going on. Can you share the template as it is?

Did you adjust the paper size to 30x42 in Document Setup? Is it just some original linework and text you need to get rid of? You should be able to unlock their layers and delete the content you don’t want.

Did you create new layers for your new template content?

I’ll be damned. Your first sentence was the answer.

Hmmmmm… I’ll write, “I don’t understand what you’ve got going on.” more often, I guess.

I meant the 2nd sentence " Document Properties". Thanks again Brother.

I see. You’re welcome.