Delete Trimble Maps logo from map


Is it possible to delete the Trimble Maps logo from the map?

If not any idea, on how I can get a map without Trimble Maps logo?

Thanks in advance.

No way to delete. Digital Globe, Bing and Google all use watermarks as well. You can look into purchasing aerial data from companies like Near Map. You may also want to check the city or municipality for aerial imagery. Sometimes you can get it along with their GIS/Open Data.

If there is one that is particularly in the way I sometimes remove them with the “healing” function of a separate image editor.


Could you try add location today, and see if there are as many watermarks?

Good news - we have now removed the watermark from the map tiles.

For reference, the usage copyright notice is now a link that takes you here where all the copyright obligations associated with use of Trimble products are kept.


@corney @colin Thanks a lot guys for this quick work. You can’t imagine how important was this for me! Thanks again for fast response and support !!!