Delete Face and Edges?

Hi, every time I select a face and delete it, I am left with the edges…

I have two questions, what is the purpose of the edges alone? Can I reconstruct a face from them?

How can I delete both the face and the edges at the same time?


Looks like three to me but who’s counting?

Depends on the model.

Yeah. Trace one of the edges with the Line tool.

Select both the face and the edges before deleting. Double click with Select on the face will select the face and the bounding edges.

What operating system are you using? Please correct your forum profile.

Hmm, thanks!

Is there a way to change the single click to select both face and edges and the double click to select only the face? Most often than not I want the face and the edges to be selected.

No there isn’t a way to do that.

Possibly, using the right hardware. I have a mouse with two user programmable buttons. I have set one to do a double click with one press, the other to do triple click. If you had the same, you could use the standard left click to select the face and the programmable double-click button to select face and bounding edges.

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Yes, you can recreate the face by tracing one of the remaining edges. To completely remove the face and edges, double-click the face to highlight the face and it’s edges before hitting Delete.


Note that double-clicking a face selects all its edges so after pressing Delete you may also lose adjacent faces that share an edge with the face you want to erase.

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you can use eneroth extended deletion ( Eneroth Extended Deletion | SketchUp Extension Warehouse) for this, I assigned a keyboard shortcut for it, and I use it as much as regular delete.