Degree Symbol in Layout

I read in the Donley/Sonder book that you can add a degree symbol by holding down the “Alt” key and typing 248. It doesn’t work for me. I even tried “Shift - Alt” as well. All I get is the computer "barking " at me. Has anyone got this to work?

The degree symbol (°) can be typed by holding Alt while typing 0176 on the numeric keypad. (You have to use the numeric keypad and not the numbers across the top. Alt+0248 creates the small letter o with a stroke throught it, thusly: ø.

You can also access the degree symbol through Character Map on Windows machines.

If the book says it’s Alt+0248, then you’ve caught a typo.

Am i doing it right? °_°


Look up at top where is says font, the character map is not same for all fonts. your pic shows a weird font that folks most probably does not use? IMHO that is the reason some folks have issues when they try to input geo location data.

You can also try to just use google to find a degree symbol on any webpage, select the character and copy-paste that into your layout text. Windows will do the rest.

The degree symbol may not be in the exact same cell for each font, but if the font contains the symbol, Alt+0176 will still be the key strokes for it.

Sorry we have to disagree I did not say it changes for all. It has been well known for years the key strokes can change and in fact I hand to recently change. I had been tinkering with the fonts I had IE set and had trouble entering degree symbol correctly for geo location.

The Alt+ keycodes were changed in Windows when Unicode support was added. Previously the degree symbol might quite well have been Alt + 248 (not sure, sounds familiar) in Windows 3.1 and NT.


Just got done checking , the Unicode character set does not have degree symbol for Tohoma ( only one I checked not worth time to check all sets)

It does in my computer.

Many applications like Word also perform automatic font substitution for missing characters. I seem to have several “symbol” fonts installed but I am not sure which one belongs to what application


Although (obviously) not typing in SketchUp now:

[Alt]+176 => ░

[Alt]+248 => °

But as we can see, one or the other will get us there.

What do you get if you type [Alt]+0176?

[Alt]+0176= °
[Alt]+248= °
[Alt]+0248= ø here.

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And as @DaveR mentioned:

[Alt]+0176 => °

I was typing that while you asked, Dave.

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Whenever there’s nothing at hand, I’ll look at the good old Ascii tabel.

The numeric pad on the keyboard must be used and the leading zero is required.

David William Edwards