Adding the Degree Symbol in Layout

How does one add the Degree Symbol in Layout?

in any program it’s [alt 167] … º

(Hold [alt] and type in 167 on the keypad, then let go of [alt] )

Thanks, never heard that before.

Hi digitalressourcescad, hi folks.

On my Macbook Pro keyboard, there is a key with 3 symbols, the colon : the semi-colon ; and the degree °.

If I press the key alone, I get the semi-colon.

If I press it with the SHIFT key, I get the colon.

If I press it with the ALT key, I get the degree symbol.

If you have a different computer and/or a different keyboard, try to locate it and try to find the key combination that gets it.

If it is not on the keyboard, use gadget2020’s idea.

By the way, if you are on a PC, locate the Characters table and place a shortcut of it on your desktop or your task bar. It will prove very useful. When it is open, you can search for a symbol or character and you can find immediately the key combination to get it. You can also copy the character/symbol and then paste it in your document.

On the mac there is a character viewer that you can call by clicking on a symbol in the Menu Bar.

Just ideas.


The correct degree symbol on Windows is Alt-0176

Software exists which allows you to define abbreviations which are expanded as you type. AutoHotkey is one I use, although it has a steep-ish learning curve. There may be others that are easier to setup.

My replacement rule for degrees looks as follows. So whenever I type \deg in any application, it is immediately replaced with the ° symbol. Quite handy since I don’t need to remember or keep a reference to the symbols pinned to the wall.

    Send,{Alt Down}{Numpad0}{Numpad1}{Numpad7}{Numpad6}{Alt Up}

weird… i never saw that before…
on u.s. macs, it’s option-0 for º

the easiest way i do, i type any figure with degree symbol in Ms. Word, than i copy-paste it onto sketchup layout.

i just need to do it once, later it can be copied & edited easily

In MacOSX 10.11.6 I use Shift+Alt+8 to produce a smaller degree symbol °, verses Alt+0 º.