Default Tray, Paint Bucket, Styles....HELP!?


I am having a problem in Make 2016 with the paint bucket. In order to use the tool, I now have to open this Default Tray, and the default tray opens horizontally across the screen, and as soon as my mouse hovers away from the opened default screen it disappears.
I prefer it vertically to the left, and to stay open until I am done using it.
In the style section, there used to be a way to mix styles, that feature has disappeared for me.
I really liked the old way…opening scenes, shadows and styles under the “Window” tab.
Thanks for any help!!!


You can grab the tray by it’s title bar and drag it to the side you want it to reside on. If you don’t want it to remain visible all the time, click on the push pin icon up by the X in the upper right corner and it’ll hide when not being used.

And as far as mixing styles, you don’t see the Mix tab?


I have tried grabbing it and bringing back to the side I prefer it on…Nothing happens.


Double click the top bar of the tray and it will detach then drag it to where you want it.
You may have to click the little pin that is the auto hide feature first.


Ah, yes. Double clicking on the tray’s title bar should reset its width.


Thanks for your help, But I still am having no luck with this. I will try again tomorrow.

(Phone number deleted! YIKES!!!, Thanks for catching that.)


“click the little pin” first worked! Thanks!