Décalage limité

Bonjour, Hello

Could you say why i can’t extrude a face with the tool “Pousser-tirer”

like this :slight_smile:

message error : chaîne de décalage interdite (limité à -12cm)

i made a floor with 12cm before

thanks for your answer

You need to upload your .skp file here to the forum so someone can take a look and see what is going on.

ok thanks here you are

projet 10_10__02.skp (1.3 MB)

Couple of things goin on here:

You are using Tags incorrectly. You have raw geometry assigned to tags, this is not how tags work. Make individual objects into groups and components and only assign groups and components to tags. Leave all raw geometry untagged.

This looks like an imported set of geometry in floor-plan. Imported geometry sometimes requires some processing and correction of errors before it can be used. Extensions can help with this. Here I take your raw geometry floor-plan and run a flattening extension and a face creating extension. Making the faces could be done manually by tracing over existing edges for each face. You can see one face fails to form due to a small stray edge in the original drawing, I erase that line and then trace over one edge to make the face. Once all the faces are created you can pull up individual walls.

thanks for your answer.
Yes it is imported from rhino3D

but i cant find the Eneroth … to make wath ou did,
Here is wath i have

oups this (onglet outils)

Those are extensions, they need to be installed, you can find them in the extensions warehouse which is accessible from within sketchup. Window>extensions warehouse.

You can do all this manually (without extensions) by tracing over existing edges on a given face, as I do for one face in the video I posted.

Your existing faces are all raw geometry assigned to separate tags. As I said this is a problem, I would start a new file with the floorplan only and start by making faces in each section.

thanks a lot,
I did wath you say : i restart and it works.
I understand that i should create groups and components (otherwise autocad)

but if i click 3 times on the beam… that’s not only this element is selected but all the work…

(i did it before but i can’t creat windows in the wall if the wall is a group… so i follow like this…

projet 10_10__03.skp (1.4 MB)

Why it doesn’t work …
thanks for your answer

sorry, i made it with a different way (i create a beam outside the drawing and replace on the good location after transform the beam in a component…)

this i the right way ?