DC - Switch or Checkbox in the attributes list and Value(TXT) input between two values


Is there a way to use/place a switch or checkbox as an attribute in the Component Options Window?

I use for now a list item with “Yes / No”. But I’am more attracted to a Switch.

A second question, Is there a way that I can let the user enter a value f.e a number between 215 and 270?
To create a list with all those number is not very handy.

A thirth question. Am using Concatunate but it doesn’t work wel.
F.e =CONCATENATE(“Type a value between 215 and”, P2_PlafondHoogte)
Gives me

Thank you


Sorry, no. Checkboxes are not yet implemented for the Component Options dialog.

This would need the support of a boolean type for custom attributes (Some of the predefined attributes or behaviors are boolean, but this is not yet implemented for custom attributes.)

Not tested but I wonder if a nested IF function will work ? @pcmoor ?


Try one of these …
=CONCATENATE("Type a value between 215 and", CURRENT("P2_PlafondHoogte"))
… or …
=CONCATENATE("Type a value between 215 and", REPLACE(P2_PlafondHoogte,1,0,""))
… or …
=CONCATENATE("Type a value between 215 and", REPLACE(CURRENT("P2_PlafondHoogte"),1,0,""))

Ie, they never implemented a TEXT() function, but the REPLACE() function converts the 1st and last arguments to String.

Constraining Min + Max Dynamic Components Help required

Yes that works,a similar expression
Note, current is required if using the dimensional or position attributes of the parent, which returns inches, therefore for metric multiple the result by 2.54

with regards the concatenate, place a space after the first bracket (“parentheses” to change to CONCATENATE( “Type,
its a bug that fixes itself once working you can remove the space if you want to

test.skp (22.0 KB)


Hi thank you

Sorry, no. Checkboxes are not yet implemented


I use now the IF function and one line above a text field with just dynamic info ( like the thirt question )

The problem with my formula raised when the P2_PlafondHoogte value was not yet used bij the DC options dialog. The P2_PlafondHoogte value did has to be a ‘=value’
But that means that the P2_PlafondHoogte value has to be explicit a value to begin with, and that was not meant to be.

Is it posable to create a kind of options block which is possible to get hidden? Feature request!?
Some items that at least for me are welcome ( actualy I need them :sunglasses: ).
My Feature Request voor DC’s in SU.

And a csv import function, ideal for consistency of data ( features ) in several type of components, like ,doors & windows, Carparts, Hatching types.


I like your’s more. It shorter, more concise.


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