DC Component Rotation onClick Problem


I’m having trouble getting my DC component architectural panel to rotate as I’d expect in response to the onClick attribute.
On the left edge of the panel is an “arrow button” that I’m using onClick to rotate the panel counter-clockwise in 90 deg. increments along the vertical axis.
The bottom edge of the panel also has an “arrow button” that similarly will rotate the panel along it’s horizontal axis in 90 deg increments.
The bottom arrow button works fine until I rotate the the panel from it’s initial orientation along the vertical axis - then the bottom arrow starts rotating the panel around the everything but the intended bottom edge horizontal axis.
The DC component has a lot going on - I’m sure I’ve got several things crossed up / working against each other.
Just not sure where to start looking to correct things.
Any help would be appreciatedSU CPS-110 Dynamic Panel_v3.skp (997.7 KB)


you need to wrap your component within another and transfer the required option dialog attributes through. Or create a new level in between to hold the rotation.


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