DBS - Pipes Tubes Profiles 2020

I created the extension for pipes, tubes, and profiles.

  • it lets to draw pipes, rectangular tubes, and common construction profiles
  • automatic elements numbering
  • allows editing its dimensions and length later
  • creates complicated joints
  • has useful elements positioning tools
  • make quick screenshots with elements length
  • makes Bill Of Material
  • calculate cut optimization!


SketchUp extension Pipes Tubes Profiles 2020
EW - Pipes Tubes Profiles 2020

Try the trial straight from SketchUp
Sketchup - > Extension warehouse → search: Pipes Tubes 2020 → Install Trial

Check the video tutorial on the youtube playlist:


If you use Solid Tools operation to create holes in your model check below short youtube video.
You will learn what you need to do if your solid operations results are not as expected.