DBS - Pipeline from edges

Check my newest version of the pipline extenstion.

It creates a pipeline with bent corners on selected edges.
Key features:

  • object type: pipe / wire
  • every model unit
  • pipe diameter: Outer / Inner
  • bend pipeline corners with a set radius
  • select material list from Model
  • check maximum possible bending radius for selected edges
  • pipe roundness / segmentation parameter
  • bending segmentation parameter
  • option to hide selected edges after the pipeline is created
  • option to draw the middle line
  • place pipeline dimensions with length by using standard Tools → Text

Works also with SketchUp 2017 Make

version: 1.7

version: 1.6

Check more here:
:point_right: SketchUp bend pipe extension

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Check short tutorial that helps make holes in the pipe with solid tools operations.