Cycling through selections

Is there a hot key for cycling through selections. I.e., lets say I have two identical groups, one on top of the other. I select one and it’s the one on the wrong tag, (I prefer layer, as in every other CAD program I use) I need to select the one on the other layer, is there a short cut/hot key to cycle through to the next entity, as there is in every other cad program I use. :slight_smile:


You could select the other group in Outliner. Or turn off the tag you’ve put on the group you don’t want to see so you can select the other one.

Thanks for the suggestions, however, it would be so much easier if there were a hot key (similar to the Tab key) as in Chief Architect, keep hitting the Tab key (NEXT) and it cycles through whatever is in the area, states what you have selected, or in AutoCad, where a dialog pops up if entities are stacked, showing all in stack, you then select which one you want. Hey may in a future update.
Thanks again.