Cutting into a pyramid


Is there a quick way of producing the cut-out shown in the model attached. I had to construct the outline of the ‘cut’ and then laboriously erase and replace edges.
ps. have never ‘added’ a file so if it doesn’t work please provide instructions on how to do it!

Pyramid.skp (74.9 KB)


Use the Intersect command.



X-ray mode may be a little less laborious.




If you have access to pro version either through work or school or own a copy yourself, you can also use the subtract command. In this scenario it might be quickest to do the x-ray method, but in general the subtract command is pretty powerful.

How to video:


Subtract is part of the solid tool set that is only available in the pro version, or in the protrial version at the beginning of Make…
After the trial period is over it will stop working in the free version.


My mistake. I’ll edit it out from the post. Didn’t realize I have the trial version. :stuck_out_tongue:

Has subtract always been a only pro thing?


Yes, the whole toolbar “solid tools”.


Thanks Gully. The corner has a radius in the final shape I need, presumably if this is a feature of the ‘cutting object’ it would be left on the truncated pyramid?



Hi Shep

Thanks for the help. Is ‘Xray’ a feature found in the simple free downloaded version of SU?
Also, the final shape I need has a radius in the corner, could this be constructed in the same way?



Yep, X-Ray is in the “free” SketchUp Make.

I would suggest selecting a few Toolbars from the View menu just to see what tools are available. At a minimum I use the Standard, Views, and Styes Toolabrs. The Large Toolset is also useful. The default Getting Started Toolbar is of limited usefulness.


HI Jim

Thanks for the help, have now found the ‘Styles’ toolbox, haven’t explored this before! I’ve been drawing for a while, and have used most of the tools in the large toolbox which I’ve got on the side of my screen. However, as I start to draw more complicated shapes, I’m running into my lack of knowledge in SU, great to have people like you around!



another idea based on your idea… first-- draw the second-to-last line you drew… select the new face then copy/move it into position… draw the two side lines then delete.


A little gif showing what Jeff has described.


Yes Xray (under View > Face Style > X-ray) is available in the free SketchUp version.
It is very helpful as you can select edges that are behind faces without having to “Hide” the front face. Just place the pointer carefully and click.


Hi Gregor
Thanks for the post. I’ve now used X-ray a few times successfully. However, to finish this topic off, I had to use the method suggested by Gully, as in fact the grinder base I was drawing has a radius in the corner. See attached. Thanks to all who helped.

Base.skp (82.5 KB)


There is also the “View Hidden Geometry” item in the View menu which is helpful at times…