Cut the middle out of a solid

I have this cabinet. Unfortunately, I made the 2nd row of large pigeon holes too tall by 1/8". I want to retain the rest of the cabinet. How can I slice 1/8" out of the outer side, from the portion around the over-tall hole?

the side is a component, but perhaps the side should have been made from a number of large and small pigeon hole components?

Do you want to make the overall height of the assembly shorter? Or do you just want to move the shelves for that row of pigeon holes?

If it was my model, I would select the dado and move it vertically to the right location. I’d do the same with the intermediate verticals and then move the shelves. If it is the whole thing being made shorter, I would select everything that needs to move and move them en masse.

Yes, the overall height would be reduced. I’ll try moving them en masse.

While editing the side panel, select everything from just below the bottom dado up. Then get the Move tool and move it all down the required distance. Repeat for the other dividers and then move all the shelves.

I was like a monkey doing math but I finally got it done.

LOL! It shouldn’t have been too difficult. I frequently use this basic technique for modifying furniture and it always seems to go quite easily.