Cut features for older SketchUp version services in 2017

So… in how big of a trouble are SketchUp 8, SketchUp 2013 and other older version users next year and in the future? With an expected price increase, with limits for M&S reinstatement, and increasingly more services being cut for older SketchUp versions, more and more users seem to be urged to upgrade regularly.

Are there any other big changes coming up next year, besides the one for 3DWH?

Will the limit for 3DWH version downloads increase each year?

there is no right to demand an endless maintenance of backwards versions (already not supporting recent operating systems) for free… if Trimble wants to be paied for their product and services - as well all do… more or less - take it or leave it.

I’m OK with that idea, but, as I’m in a position of consulting others about SketchUp Pro, it is essential to know how long services like 3DWH will be available for the users if they do not choose to upgrade or if any workarounds be available (like in the example of geolocation).

Trimble acquired SketchUp from Google in April 2012. Services hosted by Google or depending on deprecated Google APIs (Google Maps API in November 2013) needed to be migrated to own resources resp. a recent version.

If users decide to let the maintenance expire means that there is obviously no “essential” need for using the services maintained and covered by * ahum * the maintenance. A SU license can be used without any runtime limit (in the boundaries of the system requirements), a lifetime guarantee for using the online services for free seems to be at least demanding.