Cut a BIG object

I want to cut this terminal in half. But all methods suggested in the forum don´t work, maybe also because of the size. I want to cut it like the square at the side of it.
Test.skp (4.0 MB)

I have not tried it yet. But maybe it would be good for you …:

Thanks, that one should work.
But its only till Sketchup 2019, i´m using 2020

  • Your profile say you have 2017 Make…
  • on the screenshot I see 2020

Please update your profile!

Beside that, I guess the extension should work on newer version of SU, even it is not updated in EW. :wink:

Oh, sorry, forgot that.

I tried it and it just stays grey in SU2020 when i want to select it.

Did you selected the section plane as on the video, before you try to select the context menu?

I can even use it.
Like in the pic. just grey

With Zorro plugin

I cant install it to try, right now… but according to the video you should use the section plane

Oh, great thanks!!!
How do you cut it exactly there?
Or how do you get the camera in that position?

Yes i know, but its not compatible with my version. I can install it but not use it.
But thanks.

I started by clicking on the left side, right on the rectangle drawn by you, as seen in the animation.

Camera > Parallel Projection
Camera > Standard Views > Top

Worked thanks!!!

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You don’t need any extensions to cut the model.
I would suggest that some time spent learning at the Campus would serve you well.

Is there a specific lesson you know for this?

Extend the rectangle > Select it + the model > Right-click Intersect Faces > With Selection

No specific lesson, just from your questions it tells us you are working without learning the basics first.
I did the gif so I’ll still post it.

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