Custom Tools in Sketchup for IPAD

I’d like how user friendly the sketchup for I pad is.
In order for this app to be useful to my department I would need a way to click on a part and have the part number and description exported. If you could please take a look at this it would be extremely helpful.
If you know of an existing tool or any other work around to my request please let me know.

Moved to the correct category and identified as a feature request.

FWIW, the desktop version of SketchUp offers Report Generator which can do what you need right now. It can export whatever data you add to the components in your model.

I believe that will pull all parts in the model, I am more looking for a feature that works more like this:
Click on Part
Click on a Export button
Pop up comes up asking for text input and where to send
Then takes the part description and text input and sends to excel

Only if that’s the way you set up the report generator.

I would expect that sort of thing could be done with a Ruby extension but not with SketchUp for iPad.

Ok, thanks.
Do you know of a time frame where you will be allowing the importing of custom features into the I-Pad app?

Probably in a few weeks.

No. I’m just a SketchUp user like you. Even if they are planning something like that they won’t tell us until the feature is released. And at this point there’s no way we will know if it’s planned in the first place. I guess I would look at what’s available now on the desktop version instead of waiting.

It’s on the internet, it must be true.

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Ok thanks