Custom Component Selection pop Box

Hi. I’m looking for a developer who can help me make a custom pop up box which will select components from a specific source file. It will be separate from the main default tray which should still be used as normal for general component selection.
I would also like to learn how it’s done at the same time.
If anyone can help it would be appreciated (either paid or on a collaborative basis).

Look at Sketch Plus ,paid extension or Connector, free.

Thanks for the links. Sketch Plus looks useful but is a bit overkill for what I need - I just want a simple pop box to select components.

What I need is:

Create a custom Icon which is displayed on the Sketchup Tool Bar.

When selected this will open a pop up window where components can be selected. The window will work in the same way as the ‘Components’ section in the Default Tray however the source folder will be different to the one in the default tray, like this:

The ‘Edit’ and ‘Statistics’ Tabs are not required, But the Display Type and Default Folder selector should be the same (with green tick).

Tabs Screenshot3

The Display Drop down Icon should be the same with same display options:
small thumbnails
large thumbnails

The Search box is not neccessary at this stage

Why invent another wheel if you already have a tire? :wink:

Does it have to take components from another file?
Why not create a new library using one of your own folders?

It will not be able to pick components out of other models, you will need to save specific components into that folder seperate, but after you added the library/libraries, you can easily switch library when ever needed.



Thanks for the advice. I did look into this from Dan’s earlier post and although it sort of solves the issue it’s not exactly what I need because I want it as a separate pop up box which will eventually be part of a larger group of plugins and shortcuts that I want my employees to use in a secific way.

Thanks for your input though !

Can anyone advise on how I can make a custom pop up box for component myself? Is it something that can be done in Ruby or would it be in HTML or some other styling language which would then integrate with a Ruby script?

It would be similar in a way to the component selection library in the default tray but I want to customise it. Creating a local collection will not do the job I need.

Any pointers on how it can be done?

Just want to bump my last post / question on this topic.
What is the process in making a custom pop up box from where I can download components from a directory?
I assume that it will involve creating the pop up box in HTML / Javascript and then referencing that from within the Ruby code - is that correct?

NB: I don’t just it to open the file directory om my pc - I want the pop up box and selector to be customised and look a specific way.