Curving a pierced steel sheet

I have seen various posts here to do with bending things and so I know there are a number of extensions that can help with that. I am being lazy and hope to avoid having to search through them all to find what I want.

Here is a thin sheet of steel pierced with square holes which I want to bend along its shortest axis. If I want to curve it without causing all sorts of unpredicted geometrical distortion, which extension would people suggest I use?

Flowify or Fredo Scale would be my suggestion.

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Brilliant. Thanks for such prompt reply. I’ll try one or both.

Another two options are CLF Shape Bender or TrueBend.

TrueBend! If you are only bending in one direction, I would try that… So simple. And so new! I did not think of that!

Yes, I have just installed TrueBend. As you say, nice and simple. And learning how to curve with it has a pleasingly shallow learning curve!