CURVED SHAPE cannot be used by "FOLLOW ME" ! WHY!

ALL OTHER SHAPES SEEM to be usable by FOLLOW ME. I need to extrude a “bendy” mast for 3D yacht just like one might want to extrude a curved pipe, which is not an unusual request…

Without any more information it is hard to actually help you. But please feel free to scream into the void a bit longer.

When you are finished post your SKP file so people can try and help.


Really not sure what you are trying to do… and I have no knowledge of a bendy mast, but this works just fine with follow me.

And using CurviLoft from Fredo to make the mast tapered.

I never use Followme, in most cases there’s some plugin out there to better do the things that Followme struggles to achieve.
You may want to look at plugins such as “Lines to tubes” or “Pipe along path” to quickly drive simple tubes if you have a path…
Other plugins such as “Curviloft”, “Extrude Tools” or “Profile Builder” may help with profiles more complex than constant circular sections.
But if you don’t share some screen of your problematic model, is difficult to say exactly what should you do.


I had used Follow Me for may years. I believe that as I was using milimeters at very small scale it didn’t take. But I tried again by scaling up to 200% and then reducing past back to orig scale… All worked perfectly as I had assumed. Thought about Pipe apps but didn’t bother…