Curved LED wall configurator


I’ve just started experimenting with Dynamic Components and it looks very promising!

Normally I would just copy a component multiple times to create a (curved) LED wall, but with the use of DC i could really speed up my workflow. I’ve managed to make a simple LED wall configurator that makes a straight LED wall based on user input.

But I would also want to make curved LED walls, and well… it does curve. But the LED modules rotate in a straight line.

Is there someone who can push me in the right direction?

Many thanks!


LED Wall (856.4 KB)

You show the rotation, but you also need to move each COPY into the correct (x, y) position along the curve.

not sure this is possible as a dynamic component? as Jim says, after each rotation the next unit has to move on the x,y axis to line up with the previous monitor’s edge. That would require some trigonomerty function from the rotation amount and width of monitor data, The array would otherwise act more like a venetian blind. When i’ve done this very thing before it was as easy to rotate/copy about a certain point that was perpendicular to the center of the screen.panels3

AOTO M1.8C.skp (631.1 KB)

true but possible


Note also the DC is creating row copies that are outside the main DC itself.

WOW! That is really helpful!
Thanks a million!

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