CurvaMaker Help or Tutorial

I want to draw the spiral in the picture with CurveMaker, but I do not understand how to draw it. I could not find the CurveMaker tutorial. Help please.

spiral.skp (103.4 KB)

Hi ecati.
What did you get so far?
I get something like this but it has 72 segments and I don’t see how to change it.
It seems it lets me define the radius for the first circle and the radius for the second one.

This page might help:

How is radius 1 and radius 2 measured?

It asks in the Measurements field, and it seems to take the usual size value, and it’s updating that if you’re still dragging. The first number seems to be the radius of the outer curve, and the second is the radius of the inner curve. Before both of those you can type the number of turns you want there to be. I couldn’t see a way to set the number of line segments, and it’s grayed out in Entity Info after you have made the spiral.

Keep hitting Enter after typing the radii.

That’s funny! It cycles through the other options twice before offering the Sides/Turn.

Maybe it figures you’ll want to change your mind more frequently on the other options.

Reading this made me understand much better, you’re not on your own, hope it helps.

I want to draw the same spiral as my first message. I am drawing Archimedes Spiral and Bernoulli Spiral, but I can not adjust their measurements.

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