Curve Maker; helix

Using Curve Maker; Helix, what are the different parameters and how are they defined? Trial and error is just too time consuming.

For who?

That’s so helpful, thank you!

I can give you chapter and verse, but what are you giving?

If this is how sketchup operates, then I have made a useless investment.

Read: is coming soon

All the other curve types allow me to create them on the fly, however for helix, nothing appears regardless of the inputs I use. I just want to draw a helix with defined parameters. Argh.

Are you looking at the Measurements box as you draw the helix? All the parameters show up there as you step through them with the Enter key.

Dave, yes I am. Regardless of what I put in the measurements box, no entity is created.

Yes. And with the other types of curves, entities appear as desired. However, with helix, I get nothing.

What version of Curve Maker?

Clearly you’re skipping a step. Click and release in the model space to set the center point. Drag the cursor out away from center. Let go of the mouse and type the radius, hit Enter and continue entering parameters.

I get that with other types of curves, but not Helix. I’m using Sketchup 2017, does that matter? I don’t get what you are showing on my screen with Helix.

Sketchup just crashed. Maybe a restart is needed.

Curve Maker Version 1.6.2 March 2016, I’m running SketchUp Pro 2017, version 17.1.174 64-bit.

I’m running the same version in SketchUp 2017 Pro. that’s what I used to make the screen shots, above. It’s strange it doesn’t work the same way for me as it does for you. Perhaps you should contact the author directly.

By the way, why are you still running SU2017.1? the current version is 17.2.2555.

I’ll update. I think the crash may be the culprit. I’ll let you know shortly. Thanks.

Updated to latest version of SketchUp, and now it seems to be working as expected.