Curic Section: Interior Elevations

Has anyone figured how to use the Interior Elevations tool?
I have tried various techniques, but still cannot get the tool to become active.
I’d really appreciate any advice!

You can only start to use this feature from a scene created by Curic Section.

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To effectively use the Interior Elevations tool, you need to be in a “plan scene” where a section plane is active. Ideally, this section plane should be created using Curic Section. Once you have this setup, the tool’s status on the toolbar will be enabled, and you will be able to start defining the room zones for your interior elevations.

Please let me know if you encounter any further issues, and I’ll be glad to assist you.

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Thank you for this - I made some progress :slight_smile:

Once you have set up one room, I note that you need to go back to the Curic plan and select another tool to reactivate the Interior Elevations tool.

The description for the tool says “Create/Edit Interior Elevation”, but, again, I can’t figure how to enable the edit function.

A further question: I have my model set up with grouped Tags for “Retained”, “Demolitions”, “New” (each with its own material for clarity in the drawings). It would be really useful if, once I have run all the Interior Elevations for the “Retained” and “Demolished” grouped Tags (in the primary Scene), I could duplicate the SU file and update the elevations to show “Retained” and “New” (rather than re-setting up all the Scenes) - is there a way to tell Curic to update the elevation section planes with the change to the visible Tags?

Hi, you can refer to my extension, which is fully support Curic Section and helps you update tags for scenes from preset.

Thank you - I’ll take a more detailed look at VBO (I have seen references to it recently, here, and am somewhat curious ;-).

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