Curic section - Copy material settings to another SU file with a duplicate model?

I’ve been making some progress using Curic Section, but likely started delving into it too late in my current project - I had already set up my base model, and then inserting that model into new SU files to produce the plan, sections, axos, etc. in separate files (as per the well established methodology).

I am using Curic Section, initially, just to clearly illustrate what is existing vs. new/demolitions - it has been really useful for that (but still not as useful as if Trimble allowed a section cut to use the material applied to all the objects in each Tag - sadly still missing with 2024!).

In my Plans SketchUp file I have set up all the materials (as just flat colours and line widths) for the individual section cut fills (in plans, reflected plans, sections, cutaway axos), and now I’d like to replicate those settings across the various SU files I am using for the set of drawings (going to Layout). As the Tags are replicated in each file, I had imagined it would be relatively easy to do - just export the Curic Section mapping from one file to the next… but I just don’t see anywhere in Curic Section that allows for this.

Does anyone have a solution?

Hi, you can use 5D+ Auto Tag, a free plugin of mine, this plugin support you export all tags (included tags created by Curic Section) with their attributes: texture of tags, line width… to a SketchUp file. Then use the plugin to import that file into another file. It will brings all tags with attributes and override tags have the same name.

Download free here:

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Oh, wow! I have requested the download.
This will be brilliant :smile:
Thank you!

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