Curic Extensions: Axis Tool

Curic Axis Tool - v0.2 : Set the axis of group/component by pick on the bounding box.

Update: v1.0.0

  • Switch axes by arrow keys
  • Set at the model
  • Copy/paste axes (support from file to file)
  • Update axes after aligned axes at a face

Update: v1.1.0

  • Set at point by hold the Shift key

  • Set multi-objects

Get the plugin here (free)


Hi, downloaded and trialled this. Its good but would love to be able to set the Z axis (blue) in a horizontal direction. At present it seems to be locked straight up and down.

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I have updated! Now you can press Tab (window) or command key (macOS) to alternate axis orientation :wink:


This is now a ‘must have’ extension for me in my studio furniture design.
Very helpful in placing the axis in the geometrical centre of a non symmetrical object. I used to have to use @thomthom ‘s ‘draw bounding box’ and a couple of extra guides to find this centre point. It removes a big step. Well done and thankyou for you effort!

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Axes Tools will set it directly. Interface is much simpler though, just a dialog box asking for where you want to set the origin in the three axes. But you can apply it to selection or whole model.


Will you be uploading it to Extension Warehouse as well?

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Before writing Curic Axis, I often use your plugin, it’s great. But, sometimes I was confused with determining the direction in 3d space like when using Flip Along, some people suggested I write a tool that it could set up with the mouse.

Yes, I will.


not sure how I missed your axes plugin @thomthom! I’ll be sure to check it out too.