Cura filling in a cutout

I’ve added custom cutouts to a model, and one of them keeps getting filled in by Cura when I go to slice it.

It is always the one in the flat portion of the model. The ones in the sides of the box do just fine.

I make the cutout by taking an existing shape and pushing it through the solid, joining the faces, and then deleting the faces covering the holes. What I don’t get is why this works for the sides of the box, and not the top which is laid flat.

I could only put one image in the original post. Here is what Cura does when slicing:

the blue grey are reversed faces, you need to fix them…
click on a white face then Right click >> Orient faces

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That was it! You’re a genius. THanks!

I’m using SketchUp for designs to export to Cura and have found two plugins - “solid inspector 2” and “cleanup 3” really useful, saving a lot of time.

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