Creating raclette cheese (filling round shapes)

Hello community.

I am trying to sketch a (raclette) chees loaf. I am using follow me. No matter how I try: is just cannot fill surface “A” uniformly. This stops me from filling surface “B” with another color:

I end up with different results by different approaches. But never what I want:

Can someone help?



PS: here the SKP file. I saved in SKP 2018
cheese.skp (2.5 MB)

I did this before you uploaded your .skp file.

I used Offset on the face at the cut in the wheel.

How did you go about making the half wheel? The cut face isn’t flat.

OK, using what you drew as a starting point, I created a profile/cross section and a circle for a Follow Me path. Note that I am working centered on the model origin so I have a fixed center reference.

After Follow Me, cut the cheese in half. There are different ways to do it. I used a face drawn through the center and Intersect Faces.

Erase the the unwanted stuff. Use Offset on the flat cut face to outline of the wax or whatever it is. Note that the edges are not the thick profile edges as you showed. This thin non-profile edges indicate that the edges split the face into two regions.

oh Dave, did you cut the cheese!

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I knew you’d be along with that. :smiley:

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I’m nothing if not predictable.

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I managed to do it with your help. Thanks. I cannot explain though why my solution did not work.

I will post the endresult (including the raclette machine" when I am done.

I suspect you started with a semi circle for the path and a profile for Follow Me. Something like this. Here I’ve used a default 12-sided arc and the profile is on axis. You can see that the first and last segments in the arc are not perpendicular to the base line which is on axis, too.

When Follow Me runs it projects the profile to perpendicular to the first segment and the extrusion ends perpendicular to the last segment. You can see here how the end of the extrusion is not oriented on axis.
Screenshot - 9_12_2021 , 7_20_04 AM

In at least one of your tries, you used 72 sides for the semi-circle which creates a smoother extrusion but the first segment is still not perpendicular to the what will be the cut face of the cheese.

Drawing the full circle and splitting it as I did avoids this.

That explains it. Thanks for the extensive walkthrough. Helps me in getting better in the use of Sketchup.

I meanwhile uploaded the model into the 3D Warehouse. See here. My first contribution.

I’m glad that helps.

And now I want a heap of melted cheese on some nice crusty bread. Thanks!