How to get this bezel form


i am trying to make this shape on a box , but if i use offset and pushpull tool i can only create a raised rectangle with 90deg walls , but I need a sloping wall or edge as shown in the bezel picturs.
how can i do that?


Use the Follow Me tool.
Model a cross section of the bezel and a path along which to extrude the shape.
Learn more about the Follow Me tool in the video tutorial below.

Follow Me Tool


You might also start with some small radii in the corners and use the Follow Me tool:


ok i got the bezel shape working first time by luck as i got the shape and the path perpendicular to each other by fluke . now i am trying to do the same thing but i cant get them to be perpendicular to each other.
whats the correct way of doing it ?


Tool orientation is view based.
See this article;
How do I draw a rectangle or circle (or polygon) oriented vertically? — SketchUp Sage Site


i manage to place the bezel on the box surface but its not cutting through … even though the component properties is showing that the “cut through” option is checked ?


Is the object you are cutting grouped or a component?
if yes then you need to be in that group edit mode

When you placed the bezel did you get a cue “on face”?


If this is the same hammond enclosure as in your other topic, the issue is once again that you need to open (recursively) the nested groups until you are editing the lid before you place the component there. Then you may still need to delete the Face in the opening of the bezel because the lid has thickness.


yes that worked … thanks again .


iam seeing these extra dotted lines other than the RED GREEN n BLUE axis lines , how can i get rid of these ?


Those are guides (aka construction lines). You can eliminate them with Edit->Delete Guides.


i have a strange issue. on my larger screenlaptop everything works fine, but when i moved to my surface pro with 11inch screen i noticed that if i zoom in a little bit more everything is messed up and blurred n twisted . its making it impossible to work on small details , please advise.
the screen resolution of the surface pro 3 is excellent so what could be the issue? btw on the surfacepro 3 i have sketchup 2014 , where as on the larger laptop I have sketchup 2015.

Display Issues with Surface Pro

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