Creating my first ruby script using ChatGPT

Ich habe nicht viele der Antworten gelesen aber es scheint ein Irrtum vorzuherrschen: ChatGPT soll nicht unbedingt Erweiterungen schreiben?
Mir würden RubyScripts genügen, die man mittels der Ruby-Console ausführen kann !

Ich vertraue auf den Google-Übersetzer - wenn’s nicht klappt gibt es ja noch !

There is no actual misconception.

The whole discussion is about whether or not AI can learn how to write Ruby extensions for SketchUp.

Deutsch: Es gibt keinen wirklichen Irrtum.

Die ganze Diskussion dreht sich darum, ob künstliche Intelligenz lernen kann, wie man Ruby-Erweiterungen für SketchUp schreibt.

Who knows pretty soon I may be out of a job. :slight_smile:

Honestly I don’t think AI has the capability yet of writing really precise extensions but I may have to change my thinking on all of that if AI keeps progressing in leaps and bounds like it has recently.

I think you’re out of trouble for now :slight_smile: .
I’ve been trying for an hour to make ChatGPT come out with a code that would create a stair respecting the blondel rule…
the codes it gives either result in code errors or incoherent models

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I had to try this, too, but I ran my prompt from within SketchUp instead of the ChatGPT interface. And I added a (somewhat dangerous) eval statement to it (becasue, why not?). Apparently that is doable and can lead to some interesting (and even some valid) results. But I agree that anything more complex is better done by a skilled programmer. The linked article has more detail and the code I used.

Here is what you get when you ask it to draw five concentric circles: