Creating / modifying keyboard shortcuts


I’d like to set a keyboard shortcut for Layer>Colour By Layer and to change the default ‘deselect all’ to something I’d prefer. I cannot find these commands anywhere in the shortcuts menu, am I missing something?

I also spotted Shortcutter (from SketchUcation). Is this compatible with SU Pro 2018?


I don’t know that you can set a keyboard shortcut for Color by Layer. It might be possible to write a plugin that could set Color by Layer and you could have a keyboard shortcut for that. One of the Ruby gurus could answer that question.

For Deselect all, look for Select None.


Dohh. Of course! There’s no way it would be so logical as to be ‘Deselect All’, I mean why would it be!! :roll_eyes: Cheers


If it was, it wouldn’t match the Edit menu item. :smiley:


If you want a shortcut key to toggle display-color-by-layer on/off then you can install my extension [previously unpublished] but fully signed RBZ.
It adds a new command to the View menu.
You can then make a shortcut to run it quickly…
TIG-DisplayColorByLayer.rbz (2.3 KB)


Guys, thanks for the feedback and script. All super helpful. :+1:


@TIG has provided you with a good solution for your problem, but maybe you’ll be interested in a SketchUp Extension I made called CompoScene.

Color by Layer is one of many rendering options you can quickly make with CompoScene… Check my topic in the following link:


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