Creating Materials

I am creating some materials (Colours using RGB codes for Ordnance Survey Maps). I have given them a name and used them. Where do they go now? i.e Where can I select them from in future?



Assuming you have these colors In Model, you can click on the Details menu button to the right of the DropDown arrow and select Save collection as … Then give it a name so you can find it in the drop down list later.

Which Drop Down menu?

Sorted - Thanks

In the Materials panel. To the right of the house icon.

Where is says In Model in my screen shot.

Screenshot - 6_23_2023 , 10_27_29 AM

Also if you later need to add more materials to the collection, open the secondary pane (top right corner), set the second pane to the collection and drag the thumbnail for the material from In Model to the Collection.

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