Creating formulae for Cabinet Doors

Hi jody

Hi am a cabinet maker and I design, manufacture and install kitchen cabinets. I have managed to create a number of DC (Dynamic Component) cabinets and now I would like to do the doors for them.
Where would one find the formulas for this sort of thing?

I have included a model with some of the DC cabinets I have created and an image to indicate (more of less) where I have come unstuck. I need the cabinet doors not to exceed 600mm. If the cabinet exceeds 600mm the doors need to split into 2 equal sizes and remain 2mm from the edge of the cabinet. I hope that makes sense. wall.skp (203.6 KB)

Hi @prognotik,

I don’t have a resource I can refer you to for existing DC formula but you’re asking in the right place, mostly. I’m splitting this post away from the “About” topic and into it’s own thread to encourage visibility from other users that might have some help to offer.

Thank you for your assistance jody.

@prognotik: Your question makes sense. I have not tried to make a DC which splits the doors at a certain width, but it is possible with some nested IF() formulas.

The first idea to try would be to include both a Left and a Right door in all Base models. Then use the built-in ‘hidden’ behavior to show either the Left Door, the Right Door, or both doors depending on the base width.

I will try to work up a basic example but in the meantime the 3D Warehouse has many DC cabinet models which can be downloaded and inspected as examples. Perhaps there is something already available.

Thanks jim. Some helpful tips there.

Unfortunately, most of the cabinets I have downloaded from the the 3D Warehouse are not very accurately modeled to my needs and as I use my kitchen designs for cutting lists, I need them to be dead accurate, or I lose money.

Cabinet doors in our LTPAC (Little Tin Pot African Country) are very expensive, so to have to re order is a costly affair.

I am very excited to have created one single DC cabinet component that can be copied and stretched to the exact size required. A one size fits all. And I can be confident that my cutting list is accurate. Now all I need is one formula and my life will be complete. My quest for the ‘holy grail’ continues.


I encourage you to create your own custom DC’s. They can be pretty powerful.

If you are willing to dive into developing with ruby, DCs in combination with the ruby api can produce some magic. Have a look at the videos from the CabinetSense -


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Hi Prognotik,
I think Jim’s idea would be ideal and simple for this. Cabinet is your overall component and the doors are nested within.

First Door:
LenX: =IF(Cabinet!LenX<60.1,Cabinet!LenX,(Cabinet!LenX/2)

Second Door:
LenX: = Cabinet!LenX/2
Hidden: IF(Cabinet!LenX>60,0,1)

Both of their position would have to be adjusted according with a math function.

If you don’t want two doors, you can also try the COPY function, but then both doors will be identical, which you may not want if you add door knobs.
Hope this helps.

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wall_Dynamic.skp (216.9 KB)
Try it out.


@quantj this is exactly what I had in mind.

Note that if you type the exact width using the Measurements input instead of just using the Scale Tool, you will need to manually Redraw the instance. It’s a bug in Dynamic Components.

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mm, never tried that before. I usually build my DC to either be scaled with the scale tool, or use the dynamic option box to give you the option for sizes.

Thanks Chris.

I already am creating my own DC’s as you will see in my first post and the model.

I have got unstuck when it comes to some of the formulas.

Thank you for your suggestion re: CabinetSense.

Thanks quantj. That is exactly what I was looking for. I am really not into just buying a plugins but rather developing my own SketchUp skills.

Thank you again. This has helped a great deal.

I work for a cabinet company and we use Cabinet Sense software, a plugin for SketchUp, which allows you to create nearly any component you want and export your drawings to a cut list. The learning curve isn’t bad. It’s not expensive and there are dozens of training videos available online. I encourage you to check it out at

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I tried cabinet sense and it crashed sketch-up. So I uninstall it. I tried to work with the guy at cabinet sense and he was very rude by not responding to my email. So I will give you my old version dynamic component for free as long as you don’t give it to anyone else. It shows you how to do the doors so that they split and have gaps etc

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Wow kimberleydesigner ! Thank you, that is very kind of you.
Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond. I’ve just been to busy to check on replies. Also, I’ve knda cracked the formulas I needed but I would still like to check out cabinet sense. I’ll probably buy my own copy in the end, but I would like to give it a proper test drive first, so a hand-me-down copy would be great for that, thank you.

I have remade the model. With a lot more options. I can send you a copy once I finish adding the doors for corner cabinets

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This is a snazzy DC door from Eric Schimelpfenig including guidelines for the ‘common’ 1/8" gap.

That didn’t work so well for me.

Eric didn’t update the link. Google gave use 3 years of redirects, so some link updating was overlooked. The dynamic door model.

I just sent Eric a message about this.

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