Creating Custom Tray Panels

Hi there,

I started to developp tools for my company on Sketchup recently and this soft is quite awsome for many purpose but one thing is really missing : Custom UIs. Only basic UI is available to develop (Dialog or WebDialog) which aren’t dynamicly connected to the user selection to allow a high UI interaction level.

In my experience on multiple 3D softwares, we usually are able to developp custom UIs to build-up strong tool chains. Maybe I’m missing something there but Sketchup doesn’t seem to allow that kind of things…

What I’m mainly looking for is to create customized Tray Panels that would be linked to user selection like the Entity Info Tray panel that would grab the selection and setup a dynamic interface to edit some selection properties like channel of the attributes dictionnaries, …

Will the panel tray customization be available throught the Ruby API in the Sketchup 2017 ? That would be a great news :slight_smile:

Thanks for your answer and keep doing this great job on sketchup.

This can be done with UI::WebDialog class windows.

For an example, see Aerilius’ Attribute Inspector extension.

(Employees cannot devulge future plans. Trimble is a publicly traded company.)

My answer is “Likely not.” Because the trays are done using a Microsoft framework and is only available on the PC at this time. The Mac editions are still using the old “sticky” floating tool windows.

I think that API interfaces would not usually be done until the feature becomes cross-platform.

It has already been requested that custom webdialogs be able to dock into the trays.

Thanks Dan for your explanations and sorry if if didin’t found other similar requests first depite of me reseach.

Thanks for the plugin you redirect me to. That could do the job :wink: