Creating a solid object from two complex surfaces


I have been trying to create an orthotic insole shape from sketchup. I have created two surfaces and have used a number of methods trying to connect the two at the common edge. I have tried solid inspector and things similar but i need a better way to connect the two surfaces. I need these surfaces to connect properly in order to create a solid object that i can print but i can’t seem to do this. Any ideas of things that could help would be great! I will attach my model here.

template 2.skp (2.8 MB)


What size is this insole meant to be? It appears to be 5’5" wide or thereabouts - scaled up by what factor? x12 for inches to feet?

You could select the whole surface, copy it up to the required thickness, then ‘stitch’ the top and bottom surfaces with vertical lines at each intersection. That would produce a solid if your surface has no holes in it.

Here’s a partially complete example:



by connecting the two halves by a common point and then exploding both…almost gets you the solid. If you run “Solid Tools” on it, it will show you where the errors are. (in red) by fixing a missing gap it produced the solid with no errors (see attached)

template 2a.skp (2.1 MB)