Making Solid Object for 3D Printing

Hi guys, I’m trying to ready my objects for 3D printing and Solid Inspector is highlighting red at the intersection between two objects which comprise the whole.

I can’t find a way to link these objects to become one solid object and the supplier I’ve commissioned to print says it looks like there are some inverted edges.

I’ve only ventured into 3D modeling this afternoon so excuse my naivety!

Cheese Hopper.skp (1.2 MB)

The issue is that the “handle” geometry is simply crossing into the geometry of the “body”

You need to trace the intersection between the two pieces, then erase the extra geometry.



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Thanks @TheOnlyAaron seem to have removed those now but still having some issues where the base joins the hopper. :thinking:

Fixed this now. Managed to zoom inside the object and delete adjoining faces. Thanks for the help!

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