Creating a Rectangle with Precise Dimensions

I am trying to dimension a rectangle precisely. I know this is pretty basic (sorry). I know how to infer a direction and enter a dimension. And I can do that for the first dimension. But when I have then made the rectangle and want to set the second dimension, the dimension is added to or subtracted from the existing dimension, it does not set a new dimension for the rectangle on that axis.

When you draw the rectangle are you entering both dimensions?

You need to do that in order to make the rectangle the right size. Do this: Start the Rectangle tool. Click and release to set the first corner. Move the cursor diagonally in the general direction of the other corner. Look at the dimensions displayed in the Measurements window in the lower right corner of the screen. Type in the new dimensions using the same separator that is shown.

I just did this for someone else.

Dear Dave R,

Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. Went on vacation and was traveling. Yay!

Your instructions were PERFECT! Thanks for your help!

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